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Add some charm to your walls and smiles to faces with these wistful and adorable collectibles from Carriage House Crafts & Collectibles.

These colorful paintings on wood lightheartedly capture the humorous puns, nursery rhymes and sayings that we have all grown to love.  Each piece is handsomely framed, ready for wall mounting, and certain to bring a playful grin to those who view it.

Carriage House Crafts & Collectibles has a wide selection of these wonderful creations, priced in various categories to accommodate any online shopper.  All prices include tax, and are great gifts  for any occasion.

Please look through our store.  We know if there is a sense of humor out there, one of our items will surely bring it out in you.

Carriage House Crafts & Collectibles of Hudson, Massachusetts owns  and operates www.carriagehousecrafts.com.   Please read our "About Us" web page to learn more.

If you have any questions, please call us at (978)-568-9110 or e-mail us.  If you would like to provide some comments or suggestions about our web site, please use our "Comment Form" on our contact information web page.

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My Fab Lab - Chilly Dog
Cat Scan - Chocolate Moose
Catitude - Fish Sticks
Noah's Ark - London Frog
Six Pence - Star Light
Wee Willie Winkie - Love Bugs
Bacon And Eggs - Twinkle Twinkle
My Pet Peeve - Fish Sticks
See The Moon - Moon Boat
Wynken Blynken - Loon River
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Carriage House Crafts And Collectibles

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